Giving Back to the Community

community empowermnetThere’s always the need for a community to go about analyzing situations which can enrich the lives of its members and then work towards implanting solutions which bring about the changes. This calls for the parties involved to determine the needs and unfulfilled opportunities that should be acted upon to better the lives of the members.

The aspects of community development include principle of involving the community members, principle of cooperation amongst all parties to the development as well as empowerment of the people and their subsequent and mobilization & participation in the projects involved.

How a small idea turned to be a blessing to my community

irrigation schemeI always wanted to give back to the community and I was short of ideas about what best I could do to them. Whatever came into my mind was unfeasible and thought that nobody could appreciate it. For long I thought about the whole issue until a year when the rain was never enough. This meant that there would be shortages of foods and vegetable and it saw their prices escalate higher. That’s when the idea of starting an irrigation scheme came into my mind.

The project was challenging because it was a bit complex and needed a lot of resources and inputs but I knew it would work. I started by mobilizing local leaders and other representatives of the community to whom I sold the idea. During our first meeting, I shared with them the importance of the project especially in ensuring food security. It wasn’t hard convincing them the way forward.

After several deliberation and consultations during the next subsequent meetings which we held later, a framework for the project was born and I was certain that we were on the right path. Much of the finance needed was supposed to be availed from our municipal government, while we decided to raise more among community members so that the scheme could be expanded.

The setbacks

Trouble began when the money which had been collected was secretly embezzled by some of the officials who were tasked with its safekeeping. They made secret withdrawal of nearly half of the funds and siphoned them to their own personal projects.

When it came time for tendering for the projects, it was when it dawned to us that there was some cash missing. This created a huge storm especially when the municipal committee came to learn about the issue and we were summoned to explain where the loot had gone.

This brought a lot of controversy with some finger pointing at me because I came up with the whole idea and some of those involved were my friends as well as people that I had known for a long time. It appeared as if we had conspired to loot the cash and therefore I was taken to court alongside them.

I felt really humiliated because the whole community was accusing me of the embezzlement. After about two years of battling the case in caught, I was found innocent while some of those who we had been accused together were found guilty and prosecuted.

I was glad to be set free though I couldn’t clear my name to several members of my community. That became the end of my noble idea and maybe one day the community might decide to push for it again.