Youths Against Drug Abuse

addictionI was a victim of drug addiction for four year during my teenage period. The addiction began gradually when I went to college though I believe that it stemmed from the abuse that I was subjected to as I grew up by my dad. I was lucky though to be taken for rehabilitation and I was able to overcome the use of substance. However, there are many teenage boys whom we used to take drugs with and those I knew went into the drug peddling business that I still pity to date. There are those who’ve become riff raff in the society.

Knowing the dangers of drug addiction, I decided that the best thing that I could do to give up to my community was to try helping the various individual whose lives have been spoiled by drugs. The good thing about my endeavors was my earlier experience with drug addiction which gave me an upper hand at determining the degree of vulnerability of various substance users.

My first efforts went into creating a program whereby I would publish and distribute various booklets to teenagers in schools with information about drugs use and its effects. I then scheduled various meeting every evening to meet the youth in their schools to address issues touching around drug addiction.

I was not an easy task as I anticipated. I faced various hurdles especially financing the program as well as logistical issues. At the end of the first six months when I came to review my progress, there was little that I could show for it.

I knew that I had to change tactic. The thought of visiting various drug dens which I knew back then and talking to the users who frequent them didn’t sound that wise either. I started to feel as if I was frustrating myself.

The Bold Move

That’s when something new came into my mind. I decided to lobby for stringent laws concerning drugs to be formulated as well as I approached various stakeholders in my community with the intent of building a drug rehabilitation facility. All this took a lot of courage and commitment to have the projects initiated and was complete after two years.

By then, I had created a community website whereby I had information about drug addiction published and got several schools and institutions to publicize it. This got things going and by the thirds year, fewer cases of drug abuse and addiction were being reported.

The rate of school dropout decreased considerably while the performance of students especially in colleges went up. I still feel proud of my contribution to make my community a better place.