HighlandThis was the logo of The Highland companies and this domain was previously used by them until sometimes earlier in 2014. Later that year, the domain was gifted to me by a friend.


The Highland Companies used to be the operating and investment vehicle for a group of private investors based in Canada and the United States. During there days in operation, they were creating a diversified portfolio of sustainable local businesses in and beyond Melancthon Township in Dufferin County, Ontario and its environs. By building sustainable local businesses, they were creating local jobs and improving the life of the communities in which they operated in.

David David
Getting high, in this case doesn’t mean drugs.

Hector Hector
I heard that phrase used when a bush pilot needed climb up over some clouds. “Lets get high.”

Holly Holly
Highland refers to Scotch whiskey, or some kind of region that makes it, I think.

Megan Megan
But this was actually once a website for “Highland Companies”. Is that being re-designed?

David David
No, it’s not a company website, at least, not that company. Anyway, what it’s going to become, they haven’t revealed yet.


Some notes about the former highlandcompanies.ca website. It has Recreation Boating, and Science Environment as incoming Topics. That’s a nice coincidence.

Highland Companies wrote this about themselves, when they owned this domain:

Thank you for visiting our web site. On its pages you will find information about The Highland Companies, our current activities and our vision for the future.

We are creating a sustainable local businesses in and beyond Melancthon Township in Dufferin County, Ontario. Today, we are the largest potato farming operation in Ontario. From our base in Melancthon we are also pursuing an aggregate project. We are committed to building an area business which contributes to economic growth, creates local jobs and gives back to the community in ways that make life better for people.

As we grow, our focus will remain on harnessing and protecting the area’s natural resources; operating in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible way; and helping to make our rural community self-sufficient and sustainable.

(Their vision was) The responsible development and use of natural resources – agriculture, wind energy and aggregates – are hallmarks of Melancthon’s past and are helping to shape its future. Our vision is a Township that is the model of a self-sufficient, sustainable rural community.

What do we mean by a self-sufficient, sustainable community? It’s one that achieves the right mix of economic activity, local government services and quality of life – without having to increase taxes, reduce services or rely too heavily on provincial grants.

We believe in working with the community in pursuit of a positive economic vision and a vibrant local economy. We view economic growth and diversity as essential if the community is to create jobs, fund government services and amenities for people, and ensure a sustainable future for our area.

Highland Companies (of Ontario) was in the news in 2012 for proposing a quarry, then withdrawing the application when faced with criticism. They were praised afterward for doing so. In July 2013, Highland sold 6500 acres of land. Because their Corporate overview was to be an investment vehicle, that sale might have been a success in and of itself. if land prices had risen, (which is usually the case).

I’ve noticed that a company called Highland Property Development in Arcadia, California owns the domain highlandcompanies.com.

community development damSince this domain was gifted to me, I having been having mixed ideas on what to do with it, but recently I decided to recreate the site to enlighten my readers about various ways in which one can participate in community development and also other ways that one can get involved in community affairs to build a better, conducive and sustainable community.

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